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Default Re: Don't count Brandon Roy out yet: Looking into meniscus transplant

Originally Posted by Crown&Coke
Oh my goodness, a meniscus transplant

I was at the doctor a couple weeks ago, and there was this picture of a knee, and I thought about BRoy because it showed the meniscus and all that, but the meniscus is in between bones? So they will separate the two and then put a filler in there, then put it back together? Pretty risky if you ask me. Painful just to think about.

I hope something can be done for BRoy, I love his game and his demeanor. He is the type of player the NBA needs.

People are now saying they regret him coming back yada yada, but I can only imagine what people would have said if it came out he could have played, and didnt? The boy would have gotten killed by the fans and the media for being "soft" or not playing for his teammates and all.

But this knee issue would still be around whether BRoy played in the playoffs or not? Its not like the meniscus would have grown back in that time?

The real blame belongs to the Blazers medical staff. They simply cut off that part of the meniscus which was torn, allowing for a faster healing time.

Andrew Bynum had a similar, not the same, but a very similar injury of the meniscus, and when the doctors did their thing after the playoffs, they found they could sew the meniscus back together which was a better procedure for the long term outcome for the player. But the healing time was drastically increased (which is why Drew missed the start of the season).

If you guys wanna bash someone, look at the Blazers medical staff, they could have prevented this from happening. There is a reason Portland is the most injured team over the past 5+ yrs.

The medical staff doesn't get to decide whether they repair a partial tear or just remove it. If the Doctor recommends they remove a part of the meniscus, they Blazers staff would agree. You can't repair every meniscus tear.

If it was the Blazers medical staff, Ander Miller, Wes Matthews, or Aldridge would be injured. You're just focusing on injury prone players.
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