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Default Re: Let's talk about Thomas Robinson

Originally Posted by senelcoolidge
He could be a solid player, but not on the level of the Blake Griffin's, Kevin Love's, Aldridge's, etc. The best PF's. He will get eaten up by those guys.

I know that things don't obviously work as out as "scouted", but on paper, as prospects, what exactly differentiates Robinson with a guy like Blake Griffin.

Griffin may ultimately end up putting up better stats and is a "highlight guy", but Griffin honestly has no real skills - zero post game,no jump shot to speak of, just a ton of athleticism and a tremendous motor.

To contrast, Robinson is a good height, super long, and has really produced at a college level which I always think is pretty important. He's got some post moves (which I think will improve at the next level because he's got a good lower body and footwork from what I've seen). In that regard, I think he's better than Griffin in this category but is similar to him in the fact that he also can't shoot for sh*t and relies a lot on spin/power moves.
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