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Default Did we make a mistake getting Nash?

Well as we know, having a passing pg was never a problem LA needed filled. Basically we needed an average pg who could pretty much defend and hit an occasional three.

But as of now I kinda hate that LA decided to make Nash the centre of the offense which I believe led to the hiring of D'antoni.

Nash is 38(?) and more injury prone and I have a feeling once he gets back, D'antoni will run him into the ground. I think everyone would be a bit dissapointed with Blake or Morris starting at pg for majority of the season.

I think we should've kept Ramon Sessions or gotten someone else. He played well until the playoffs but that was his first year. I don't see why we needed a ball dominant pg when we have two ball dominant superstars(three if you count gasol).

Last year, session-kobe-artest-pau-bynum was pretty deadly and our main weakness was defending pnrs and guarding pgs. Despite this, LA obtained a pg who still isn't a great defender and our defense as of now looks even worse than last year.

Also with the signing of D'antoni (which I believe had a lot to do with Nash being on the team) he's really using the players wrong. and he's doing it purposely.

Will Nash be our savior?
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