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Default Re: opponent hits ur hand as u're grabbing the board and u lose it out of bounds

Originally Posted by Burgz V2

i understand the reasoning that the ref may award you possession anyways, but you are wrong. It is a judgement call on the ref, but while dribbling, passing, and even in some cases shooting, the hand is part of the ball. if the contact forces the player to miss a shot, it therefore becomes a judgement call on the part of the ref. the advantage in that case will have been given to the defender for "incidental" contact, and therefore, more often than not on shot attempts a foul will be awarded.

however, on a loose ball situation this rule applies very strongly.
Perhaps I failed at explaining clearly. I was not saying the hand was not a part of the ball. Instead, I was saying hand contact is not forever legal in every shape or form as long as that hand is touching the ball. There's always limits and it's often tied to the aforementioned incidental contact vs. non-incidental.

I'm not sure exactly what you're stating through and through though. Regarding your line on loose ball situations, what rule applies very strongly? Incidental contact?
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