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Default Re: Hi, my name is Riddler and I'm an alcoholic (Been to a few AA meetings recently)

I know people who these meetings have worked very well for. Personally, I tried NA meetings a few times and didn't get into them. Both the higher power thing, and the amount of meetings you're supposed to do, I think 60 meetings in 60 days or something when you start. But if these things help people, which they have many times, then they're a great thing. For me, the only thing that's ever worked for stretches is just me making a decision for myself. I stopped doing drugs in mid November, though I started drinking heavily immediately after. About a week or 2 ago, I simply decided that drinking daily wasn't working for me, so I've been drinking every other day and cut down quite a bit on the quantity I do drink when I have been.

I guess that's what's never really worked for me about these programs. I don't believe that anyone is powerless. I think it's always the person's choice in the end. Extra support, and others to share your stories with or hear other stories, and how others are dealing with problems that may be similar to yours can certainly help, though.
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