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Default Re: Hi, my name is Riddler and I'm an alcoholic (Been to a few AA meetings recently)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
That I think is the biggest thing most people have an issue with at first, the "powerless" thing...

IMO who cares if it works? has been proven to work if you buy into if you really need help, then you need to buy into it.

Shaq, for the little you have told me in here, it sounds to me like you have a very tough road ahead of you. Drinking "every other night" and viewing that as "cutting down" is a serious problem. You'll never be able to hold onto a meaingful relationship getting drunk every other night, it is impossible...if you can't quit all together, then perhaps you are in fact "powerless" against it.

It depends heavily on the individual. Oh, and don't get me wrong, I think that the programs are great because they have helped so many people, I just don't think they're for me.

I've recognized problems with my own drinking. Up until recently, I was making a lot of excuses to justify it. Such as being off heroin since November, and I'd say things like "at least I don't have to do it as soon as I roll out of bed like with heroin." Although as it went on, I did drink some mornings, which nobody should do. In fact, I was basically substituting heroin with it, and trying to use it the way you would hard drugs in that good crack and good dope were often instant where you'd feel something about as soon as you'd shoot up or exhaled which led to me drinking hard liquor very quickly. Except, no matter how fast you drink, it takes longer, but then it hits you hard quickly after and once you get pretty drunk, it's easier to drink more and more. Then I've personally reached points where my impulse control is gone and after a certain point, I don't even realize I'm drinking.

From where I was at, just not drinking daily is a big improvement. I mean, my minimum would be probably a pint and a half of jack, and a six pack daily of my own alcohol, and often whatever alcohol anyone else had. It wasn't unusual for me to drink a quart of jack and a six pack in a few hours. But it got ridiculous, I mean it changed after a pretty bad blackout about 2 weeks ago where I woke up with my hand busted pretty bad, and no recollection after a certain point with people telling me things I'd done that didn't exactly put me in a favorable light.

I took a week off from drinking after that, and the 4 nights I've had a drink since, it's been much less. One night I guess was a little much where I drank a pint and a 6 pack. Other than that, it's been maybe a half a pint and a few beers. Last night for example, was just a couple of glasses of jack and a 6 pack. And more importantly, I haven't gotten particularly drunk any of these recent times I drink since I stopped drinking daily. Only night I was a little drunk was the pint and a 6 pack. But the overall way I'm drinking is differently too. Now I don't really drink until after 7, and I don't drink at such a rapid pace.
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