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Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Marcy Marc = GoBB. When did you first start to hate him?

Well it started to annoy me how everyone was on this guys nuts caus ehe has like 30 thousand posts. Then when he was insulting everyone and giving out advice like he was the King of England then finding out he was a mailman was when I had quite enough.

Do you prefer places like Pizza Pizza, Tim Horton's, over the places MI has to offer?

Yes. Those are my 2 favourite places to eat, followed by McDonalds. I do like Little Caesars for value though. I like a place called "B-Dubs" a lot here too though, probably better known to others as Buffalo Wild Wings

What's the most you've ever drunk?

Well im a "Middle" drinker. Not exactly a lightweight and not a heavyweight by any means. I prefer hard alcoholic to beer so I try to drink hard when I can. Most beers I drank is 9 and Ive almost drank a whole 26er to myself in one night but I was mad sick the next morning

You plannin' on pursuing a higher education?

Yup, my brother is a professor at the University of Ottawa with his PhD in criminology. He used to teach at the University of Toronto and wants to go back there. I want to go to the University of Guelph, University of Waterloo or UofT. Ultimately I would like to run a landscaping business of some sort.

Did you shake dat azz at the prom?
Haha im not that great of a dancer at all, but I tried my best

As summer approaches, what are some of your goals for improving yourself/growing into a man?

Well I am going to move out this summer so that is going to be some adventure.

Do you consider yourself a boy, a teenager, or an hombre?

Teenager, not gonna lie, I dont want any part of being an adult. Looks like it came faster than I wanted though

What's the corniest thang you've ever said to a gal?

Oh god I dont even know. I cant go to bars or anything so I havent really dropped any corny pick up lines or anything yet. Probably tryed to drop some Twilight lines chicks dig it
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