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Default Re: GZA Liquid Swords= Most underrated Rap album of all time?

Originally Posted by GOBB
What is it with some posters here acting like they discovered a diamond in the rough with Gza album? Reminds me of the love affair some had about that wacko movie Donnie Darko.

And OGC album sucked balls. I gave it away for free to one of my friends. Only got it because of that hit single. Starange Wonder had a dope solo song on there. Cant think of the name.

LOL ... your rap music tastes is always butt sauce baby doo-doo squirts. All good man.

That OGC album was fire. Most heads will say the same. Sorry you can't feel the real from the fake.

About Cormega ... I'm a big fan. His production skills so nice. I love his throw-back chill NYC style instrumentals ... loved his work with Lake on that album that dropped a few years back forgot the title??? Album was dope... I have it... I've bumped it a good four five times cant think of the title LOL.
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