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Default more proof that NBA live sucks at everything.

This is their simulated Eastern Conference finals

New Jersey vs. Boston. (who are ranked 1 and 2)

Boston wins 4-2

Do they really think Mcgloire is enough to make the Nets look like the 2nd best team in the east?

And automatically with disregard to all other factors they put Boston in first. I know they the best big 3 in the east, but they still have some proving to do.

Other things of note:
    • Toronto's sim record 36-46, 11th in the east.
    • Cavs 50-32 (sorry, but it's just not gonna happen.)
    • Miami losing 4-1 in the conference semi's to NJ.
    • Knicks sim record 41-41, 7th in the east.
    • Dallas sim record 67-15 WOW so much for a slight dropoff right? but also their was a predicted first round loss to Utah.
    • Phoenix finishing 58-24 and winning the championship.

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