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Default Re: Who would win in these fights?

Robo Cop vs The Terminator
Terminator and it wouldn't even be close. Termy's movements would be too fluid for Robo. Plus, let's not even talk about weaponry. One blast from Arnold's shotty and Robo is done.

Hell Boy vs The Incredible Hulk
This isn't even a fair fight. Not even gonna imagine Hulk punching a hole through Hellboy's chest. Hulk has delapitated cities! What the hell has HellBoy done?

Steve Irwin vs Crocodile Dundee
I know everyone will say Dundee but I'm going with Irwin. I think he would outsmart Dundee. Maybe train a gator to death roll him or something.

The Gasols Vs The Lopez's
I'm taking the Gasols. Am I biased? Yup. But think about it. The Lopez's look kinda down syndromy to me. The Gasol's are the perfect combination of brute force (Marc) and unparralleld brilliance (Pau).

Dolomite vs Money Mike
Hmmmm, my first instinct is to choose Dolemite. But then when I think of the speed and cunning of Money Mike I have to change my pick. Listen, Dolemite was a karate expert. He went to the slow motion school of martial arts. Money Mike was small but he could go from knocked out cold to crushing your nuts with a pair of pliers in 10 seconds flat. I'm takin pimpin!

Riddick vs Luke Skywalker
Aight, I'm a Star Wars nut. I'm not even going here.

Mr. T vs Hulk Hogan
B.A.!!! How could you even ask this? I pitty the foo!! Aight, that was lame.

Arnold VS Sly
Aight, being serious, if we're talking straight up fist fight...Sly. I think he'd actualy beat the $hit outa Arnold with no weapons. He had to learn a lil something during his Rocky days.
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