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Default Re: Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Originally Posted by fatboy11
That's the type of answer I'm looking for. Not that this "you don't know anything, they know more than you do" bullshit that I got out of the way in the first post.....

If you could have just said something like that from the start, instead of making this GM vs. internet poster (which I clearly tried to avoid), this thread would have run more smoothly. But I guess every thread needs a jackass to stir stuff up.

You "clearly tried to avoid that" by playing both sides of the fence. On one hand, you said fans are dumb. On the other you said GMs are dumb. What response was supposed to be acceptable to you?

I never pointed a finger at "YOU"; I clearly included all fans, by using phrases like "most fans", "the average ISH poster", etc.

The only person who has resorted to personal attacks is you, and you continue to do so even when we've reached a point where you're satisfied with my answer to your question.
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