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Originally Posted by Gregsguys
He went to Minny for the 'cha ching', unfortunately I think you will find what you are getting is a good player who is far to selfish and self-centered to lead anyone anywhere. Why do you think Toronto with all that cap room would let him of luck......being a raps fan I hope he works out for you but wouldn't bet a nickel on it.

In general Raptor fans criticize him too much. I am also a Raptor fan. He did make some big shots in games but he did at times look to put the team on his shoulders and shoot too much when he should have looked to pass off. I think he would deserve as much criticism as he is getting if he only shot 35% from the 3pt line but in fact he was one of the best 3pt shooters last year.

I agree he was looking for a payday but how many NBA players do the same thing and get way overpaid. (Peja Stojakovic is one free agent this sumemr that recieved way more than he deserves) They just don't say it or publicize it. That was his mistake. He too often says what he his thinking a lot of the time. Every person that criticizes him would expect to get the same payday if they were in his position.

In the end he just did not fit into the Raptors team philosophy. They required more of a passing PG which Mikes James is not and for a shooting guard who is not a great leaper he is considered small. Secondly with his expectations of wanting to be a starter and after having the season he had you can't blame him to want to start. (As long as he would of agreed to provide minutes off the bench at a lower salary the Raptors may have well kept him but they knew that was not a realistic thing to ask from him or expect.) He deserves a shot at starting and we will see how he does on another team. Some say he was selfish. In some ways he looked that way but he was one of the guys that held the Raptors locker room together last year.

He plays hard and he plays with passion which cannot be said for many NBA players. He is a good teammate.

It will be interesting to see if he can have a similiar season.
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