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Nonetheless, it's not an open & shut case.

Ryan Howard was cash in the last two months of the season, when the Phillies were making that push. Baseball, more than any other "team" sport, is more individual. I don't hold the Phillies playoff absence against him, and I don't give an edge to Pujols just because his team made it.

Howards stats for the last two months.


14 HR
.348 BA
41 RBI
1.214 OPS
.464 OBP


.387 BA
20 RBI
.561 OBP
1.324 OPS

Howard was there when it mattered. He came up huge again & again.

Pujols last two months combined:

.341 BA
49 RBI
15 HR
.422 OBP
1.045 OPS

I donno man, it's just not "no debate" as far as Pujols/Howard is concerned. Aside from the BA Albert didn't play particularly well when it mattered, while Howard shined brighter than ever.

I'm just sayin there is an argument. That's all.
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