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Originally Posted by Don Che
Lol yeh Che Guevara

I know Milicic is up there in blocks but is he a good low post defender(like kurt thomas)? im not sure i havent seen him since detroit cuz i think we can get him for Eddy/Jeffries but Zeke would have to get rid of a lot of pride b4 he makes that move. I would even take grant hills contract to get rid of it. Orlando should love it with Eddy/Howard/Jeffries as a front line. Is Darko big enough to play center everyday?

That's what I like about what is left for the Knicks if it were to happen. Milicic, Frye and Lee could defend ANY center in the NBA. Meaning that they would rotate defensively and help each other greatly. Like Laimbeer, Rodman and Aguirre. They were undersized but when the all worked in unison they were something beautiful to watch on the court. Defense is played with the feet not with the hands. When you play defense with the hands you get lazy on the feet. Clyde Frazier comments on it all the time. That's how Rose gets called charges in his favor. Rodman was the man doing that as well. It'll be a mobile defense down low and on the offensive side they would open the opposing defense WIDE open, WIDE. Milicic being a three point threat and Frye also being able to hit the long jumper and the once in a while three pointer and Lee developing his shot they would be unstoppable with a point guard who could penetrate and dish it out to one of them. The point guard attracts the D and those big guys out of the paint or in it would be a big threat. It's nice to dream out loud, huh.
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