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the 2004 draft certainly has what it takes to become one of the most exciting drafts, with Dwight, Okafor, Childress, Livingston, JR and Josh Smith, Gordon and a bunch of other good players still coming through.

But in terms of the best its got to be the 1984, It has 3 future legends in Olajuwon, Jordan and Stockton, it has one guy who would be a great player in Sam Bowie if he hadn't of gotten injured, and you have solid players through out the draft, Kevin Willis player until he was 42 which is huge. That draft is the best ever. The 2003 one is shaping up to be pretty good, but they will probaly end up about the same as the 1984 one, they have the three top guys (Carmelo, LeBron, Dwyane) and they got them solid players (Bosh, Hinrich) but they have some pretty weak picks as well (Darko, Reece Gaines, Hayes, Sweetney).. thats why i think that the 1984 one is better.
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