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Default Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:

Of the players I have seen enough to be confident of, here is my ranking (The real ranking is different, because I just left out a lot of players I didn't feel comfortable ranking):

Top 8:

1. Greg Oden(tie): This guy is a center, who dominates on the defensive end. His hand is messed up and that effects his offense, but he still scores 15+ ppg. NCAA is a tough league for bigmen for some reason. His numbers not being out of this world can be overlooked.

1. Kevin Durant(tie): Hands down a better player then Oden. However he is a pure 3, and I think most teams would rather have a center then another small forward. This kid will come in and have immediate impact, that's what you get from him. A guy who in his first year will be a good NBA player, garunteed.

3. Tyler Hansbrough. I doubt he will go this high, but I can't see putting one of the florida guys up here, they just aren't that good. Really. Hansborough is a beast in the post who get's it done night in a night out. He is one of the few guys who really is leading his team (besides Durant and Oden).

4. Al Horford. I know I said he didn't deserve to be here, it's just the drop off in talent is so big after the first two picks. He's a polished big man who will be a solid pro, just not a huge upside.

5. Rudy Fernandez. This will suprise people but he deserves to be up here. I saw him in the Olympics and followed his career. The guy is as good or better then Brandon Roy. Last I checked he shot over 60% from the three point line while averaging 17ppg in Euroleague play. This guy can flat out play, he is fast, athletic, can shoot, handle, finish, defend, pass. The only downside is he probably won't be a superstar.

6. Josh McRoberts. Some people think Noah should be here based on upside, but Noah is 2years older then McRoberts(I think) so even though he is more athletic that should sort of even out the debate as far as upside. Noah is a more aggresive player, a better defender, rebounder and athlete; However, McRoberts has shown something Noah hasn't: Offense. McRoberts has shown some ability to play in the post, Noah shows nothing besides dunks and layups. At the same time McRoberts shows even better passing and ball handling then Noah, while at the same time being only slightly worse at defense and rebounding. And whatever gap there is in athleticism between the two is small.

7. Alando Tucker. Suprise!!!! This guy has been painfully underrated his entire college career, he isn't flashy doesn't have great upside but he gets the job done day in day out. He finishes at the rim very well and with a lot of strength. His three point shot is average, but it isn't a liability. He is also physical enough to finish inside.

8. Joakim Noah. This guy has a lot of potential, but he could also bust completely. People ignore the fact that this is a ball handling, perimeter oriented powerforward with no jump shot. The only guy even vaguely like that is Darius Miles. And Darius Miles has point gaurd handles, freakish athleticism, good finishing skills, and arguably a better jumper then Noah.
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