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Default Re: 4-team trade sends Collison and Posey to Indiana! Troy Murphy gone

I think people are really overestimating George's readiness. If we're clearly out of it around the All Star break or something, by all means move him into the starting lineup and give him big minutes. But if we're really wanting to get into the playoffs starting two rookies (with effectively Hansbrough) isn't the way to do it. He doesn't provide anything Rush won't right now, just at a lesser level. He'll be a good spotup shooter, very active defender in passing lanes but will probably struggle on ball. I'm not saying he's going to top out at Rush, just that I don't think he can contribute at that level right now. If you want to give him starter minutes he's going to turn it over A LOT, he has very poor ballhandling but still overdribbles.

He's a really nice prospect full of potential, but he's nowhere near ready for big minutes on a playoff team.
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