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Default Re: Good Rap/Hip-Hop Thread

Originally Posted by Hamtaro CP3KDKG
Gunit was trash as a group got made jokes by so many nikkas especially LOX who deaded em but individually they go. Kiss won't joking when he said 50 had the weakest flow tho Lloyd banks is easily the best, some of the best punchlines of all time and he can spit wit anyone he outshined nikkas like em on tracks multiple times. He one of the greats, GOAT mixtapes. Perfect winter music and hunger for more shts on anything done by most rappers including fiddy
Jada killed 50

And don't try to pull rank on Kiss
Cuz the n!ggas I'ma send to do it ain't gon' miss
Be laid up stiff, I spit straight up piff
I did real songs with BIG no made up shits
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