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Default Re: Post your video's here

Originally Posted by carpevicis
The mid range is so underrated... but it's also really hard, cause like everyone else mentioned, but how are you supposed to get a shot off when the D closes in like that? Space creating moves only get you so far, so what are some tips to get more elevation on a jump shot?

I am too bad at shooting, it's ridiculous, because I notice everything that's wrong with my shot every time I shoot from leaning back to bad release to bringing the ball too high. I'll probably spend an hour just shooting under the basket... pretty boring, but I'm sure it'll pay off.

But I know how lethal the mid range is because there's this kid I play with, he has a disease where his endurance is really low so the fact that he's a beast now just shows how good he once was. But he can get the ball from his dribble to his shot pocket so quick you have no chance to react and even when you try to block it, he's too quick and it's like a freaking machine, from just inside the 3 point line you're screwed if he gets a look at the basket. I need to be like that

Again, it is hard. You have to be able to create your shot off the dribble, footwork, and have a decent jumper at minimum. Then it helps if you have really nice elevation and do all those things like dark,kjones,1manfastbreak. Me, i don't have a lot of elevation, but i have a quick release and i can create off the dribble, so i can get it off cleanly.

For the getting over the defender say that's taller than you. You need to have good elevation of your jumper or have a quick release or both.

If you keep your shot consistent and can make it go straight. All it is left is reps, consistency and reps and your shot will improve.

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