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Default Re: Jon Gruden's ESPN segments

Originally Posted by Brujesino
Anyone else love watching these?The way he just tells them straight up that they may suck or just make fun of them is great T.V.

He made fun of Colt Mcoys texan accent and you can tell Colt was a little surprised and them him recommending C.J Spiller listen to the song "iam so excited".

Jon Gruden is awsome

Gruden fans?

This guy is an idiot!

He is talking about how great of an idea it was to take Tebow in the first round; then he said the Vikings need another weapon not a quaterback. They got Favre as a short term fix they have had QB issues for years and they have a chance to get a couple good QBS in the early second or they could have at the end of the first. Also they could pick defensively, but another weapon? Their problem wasn't points and their QB is over 40, come on!
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