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Default Here's my two cents on what exactly has happened in the last two Lakers games

To say they are winning due to Kobe's facilitating mentality and team defense is only a page of the story, let alone half of it. There is actually an unorthodox yet nuanced offensive system that the Lakers are consistently conducting now that we haven't seen from them earlier, and it's extremely better than the iso-Kobe or the original pick and roll D'Antoni system they have been apparently running before.

And many wonder why couldn't Nash seem to have ran this offense. Having Kobe with the ball attracts a lot more attention. It was hard for the listless Lakers to get themselves open, thus they overly depended on Nash to make a play for them. On the contrary, the question that pops up in the opposing team's heads when Kobe backs down with the ball is obviously "What the fvck is he going to do?" Plus, this offensive system gets more intricate when screens are introduced while Kobe is backing down, which coaxes a double team giving his teammates open looks without moving around as much. The element of surprise with so-called "Passbe" is remarkable and it makes me wonder how long this system can be ran until it gets exposed.
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