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Originally Posted by Take Your Lumps
You say that as if we can mold our shared reality in this universe to whatever we feel is right or comfortable to us.

You certainly can try and do so, but that doesn't mean your being intellectually honest with our surroundings as we understand them, so far.

Why the rush to latch on to a supernatural explanation? Your questions are valid but you're making some giant leaps in logic in answering them. As man continues to unlock the mysteries of the human brain, it's only a matter of when (not if) we'll begin to form concrete evidence-backed answers to your questions. Why not wait to make that judgement until then? What's the rush?

What happens on that day if the evidence is directly in contrast to your present view of a supernaturally-guided universe? Will you be too self-invested to accept this new reality?

If it turns out that Yahweh or Vishnu are running the show, I don't see myself as having a choice between "believing" or "not believing". If the data shows it to be verifiably true, I'll be sitting in that pew right next to you.

As far as we know *right now*, we ARE a series of chemical reactions. What's wrong with that exactly?

Valid points. It's a personal thing. The point of the thread is that atheists can be some of the most "preachy" people out there. Believe what you believe. No need to belittle others who have different views.
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