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Default Re: How do you get Hops?

Get your squat and deadlift 2x bodyweight atleast 1.75

Do tonnes of mobility, focusing on ankles and hips... Hit the whole lot, flexion +int/ext rotation, extension +int/ext rotation... Fix up femur positioning if you have an externally rotated femur which most seem to have...

After squat/dead achieved (full depth) transition into plyos/olympic lifting... Always be doing mobility... Do this for a few months, get that explosion

Make sure you lean down BF% wise

Start dunking... working on jumping technique etc... there should be plenty of drills etc on the net...

Also do some single legged gym work as well... Mainly just for co-ordination and proprioception... Pistol squats are a great choice

I used to be a state high jumper back in the day, can jump out of the gym, I'd guestimate if I leaned up my vert would be around 40... could probably do 37 at the moment... I was dunking at 5-9 when I was 15... Am now 6-1
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