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Default Re: Do you get nervous when a police car is behind you?

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
You must live in New York? Probably a minority aswell? The "stop & frisk" bs they have goin on in NY is a crime in itself

It's not bad in NY at all now. People who want to whine about that should grow up when i did, when you'd get robbed, the cops would beat you up later, and the Mayor didn't care because he was scared of asking the police union to do work and of arresting a black person and causing a riot. So don't give me that. NYC does not have rogue cops going nuts all over. Yes, it has bad cops, but it also has MORE cops and MORE situations than anywhere, and if you look at the pct of complaints, its very low, lower than almost any other major city and we have less crime. So don't put me as a poster child for that. 2012 NY is not that.

If you want to know, time 1 i was on the beach and we were having a party and the cops said we should leave. I literally said "ok, sorry" and the cop said TOUGH GUY, Huh? threw me up against the car, and when i started complaining (frightened out of my mind) he put a gun up to my head and asked me if i thought i was a tough guy now (Note: i was with like 5 other people, my gf who was crying, and everyone just terrified). He then let me go and i got in the car and didn't say a freaking word for like 2 days.

The other times was when i was in JHS in Brooklyn, this cop would knock us down, throw us into walls from time to time. I personally hope he got hit by a truck and died.
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