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Default I just heard this on the radio...

so this guy is driving home with his wife, and he gets involved in a fenderbender with some other car. the car who hit him, gets out and wants to start a fight with the guy, cussing at him calling him a pu$$y and coward if he does not fight, and brandishes a baseball bat from his trunk and smashes the first guy's trunk to get his attention.

then the guy who was hit, comes out of his car, pulls out his gun (registered and licensed for self-defense) and threatens to guy to leave or he will use force out of self-defense.

the first guy with the bat shets his pants and walks away... but not before taking down the first guy's license plate # and filing a police report.

now they are in court.

abotu the second guy with the bat talking crap and seeming like a big man. he got owned and then he went to cry to the police.
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