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Default Re: The Pats "offensive woes"

Originally Posted by zoom17
TonyMontana will take down the Dolphins this week watch

We'll see. I'm a big Luck guy, but the Colts didn't look that impressive vs a bottom feeding Raiders team.

Originally Posted by Godzuki
lets just say if the Jets receivers caught all of their catchable balls, and the Pats receivers caught all of theirs, i think the Pats would've handily won this game.

i still don't think the Pats are in as awful shape as their 1st game with 2 rookie wideouts who played the worst they could possibly play indicates. i think they'll both have much better weeks, especially since they were open on most of those drops. against the top teams u might be right but i still think the Pats are right on that top team fringe, even without Gronk/Amendola.

All of the dropped passes had to do with the rain. Your supposed to run the ball when it rains, but the Pats havn't had a consistant running game since Corey Dillon. Rain definetly hurts teams like the Pats, Packers, Broncos that throw it every play.

I think Edelman will be huge for them, and Thompkins will be nice with Brady. Edelman had like 15 catches and Thompkins would have had like 80 yards and a TD if they didn't take it away from him. These guys will be able to hold down the fort until Gronkowski and Amendola return. More than capable.
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