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Default New York Knicks (14-4) vs. Chicago Bulls (10-8), 8:00 PM EST on WGN America

I know what you're thinking. If you aren't in New York or Chicago, you can't watch this mega matchup. But hence, bagelred to save the day.

They have this channel called "WGN America" which is a national version of Chicago's WGN local network. And you know what? They carry some Bulls games!!! Holy sweet Mother of Jesus!!!! I know, right? It's like so weird!!! And it's gots tonight's game!

Of course, I gots my Time Warner Cable, so I gots my MSG but maybe you get WGN America!

Check for yourself in the top right corner here:

See? Now you don't have to watch the Pelicans beat the Heat, or the Kings/Blazers snoozefest on NBATV. You got Bulls/Knicks!!!!

You're Welcome, my fellow ISHers.......
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