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We had many seasons where we were in the lottery. Instead of losing 6 or 7 more games they would go on a winning streak at the end of the season. Rather than having a top 4 pick we were at 7-9 (and even 12 this season...). What's the difference in losing a few more games? Let the young guys develop. I can get behind watching the young guys develop for a few seasons. What I don't see the point in is drafting a guy like Stanley Johnson and just putting him on the bench for two seasons. Maybe his work ethic did suck and he didn't earn it. In which case they drafted a bust from the get go and they should have done their homework better when they were scouting. To me if a guy can't crack the lineup in two years he's not going to be that all-star caliber player that we need. I feel like Ellenson isn't going to get much of a chance either. No development of young players and just plain missing in the draft is terrible for our future. All of the experts gave our draft this year an A. It still isn't going to make a difference. This is a mediocre team.
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