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Default Re: I just got a complete list of wnba player salaries

If I had $10 mil, I'd buy a WNBA team. Not because it's a good business plan, but because it's the closest I'd ever get to owning a team. They need to exist in big cities that don't have other pro franchises. NY, Chicago, and LA are big enough to support as many franchises as you can dream up, but Detroit, Phoenix, Seatle, etc, I just don't see it happening. Draft regional college stars like the Charlotte Bobcats did, so that you start right off with a bit of a following.

Don't try to market yourself as being almost as good as the NBA - try to focus on areas where you are actually better. Is it a better team game? I don't know, I've only watched it once or twice. I bet there's no fighting though, so it's safe to take your kids.
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