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Default Re: Do u get injured often playing hoops?

Originally Posted by macmac
lol this is the pussiest shit i ever read.....a sprained finger and some bruises? Oh shucks, what a true warrior.

In the last three years i've had three badly sprained ankles requiring surgery, broken meniscus, fully torn ACL requiring surgery....displaced thumb, sprained lower back that never got healed and created scar tissue....displaced shoulder from benching at the gym.....

And im still out there playing ball with no elevation but some crafty ass post moves and a great soft touch...

Make this thread after real injuries, not biitchmade ticky tack boo boos

Not every player is a tough guy like u. Yes A sprained index finger that can't bend on my shooting hand and it does affect my game a lot since I can't catch the ball well or shoot my 3s. A sprained finger might not affect a post player as much but I'm a PG and SG and even dribbling on the finger is painful.

I don't have the pain tolerance of u. Not all of us are tough guys! And yes I am soft. I admit it. I average 0.9 rebounds a game as a guard and I been called finesse and soft before lol.
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