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Default Re: Is it common for someone's body temperature to drop significantly in under 24 hours?

Originally Posted by theballerFKA Ace
I must come Proctor''s defense here. You might have posted a photo of your stepson, next door neighbor, or whatever but that ain't you. You just started pretending you were the guy in that photo a couple of years ago. Think about it. The guy in that photo is like 23, you've had your account for 11 years. That means in 2007, as a 12 year old, you were posting about growing up watching the Lakers and Celtics battle each other. I remember when you created this account, you used to make all kinds of stupid topics about the Lakers Celtics battles in the 80s (but always pimping the Celtics, sort of how Lambruh pretends to be a Laker fan but poops on them now). Then someone came along and exposed you. They found your profile on the BleacherReport forums (back when they had one) because you were making word for word topics in both forums. You were a white dude from MA who was a huge Celtics fan. You had a photo of yourself in the BR avatar, which you deleted after being exposed but someone saved it first.

Congratulations "1987_Lakers". You were the original Lambruh

Actually im 27. Started posting here when I was 16 or so and I never claimed I saw those 80's battles in person. if you look at my posts from 2007 & 2008 you can tell I was that age since my posts were pretty kiddish with no substance.

Another Creep. You were the first guy who started posting that false pic of me for some reason, Proctor just blindly followed since he doesn't like me for some reason. You would always follow me around and post that pic whenever you had a chance and nobody gave a damn. What kind of grown man does that?? Get some hobbies.

Glad I was able to prove who I really was, now you can go to your friends house and play with his sex doll like you told us you did a while back.

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