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Default Re: Round 1: #2 Pistons vs #7 Sixers

Sounds like Sixers tickets are more expensive?

I got two tickets for game 2 $25 each + $5 bs service charge. I'm on the upper level row 8. The upper level goes from row 1 to row 19 so I'm in the middle.

I usually go to game 1 of the first round but my wife had business to take care this weekend so I got tickets for game 2.

Last time I went to game 2 instead of game 1 was against the Sixers…

Aw man I've been in a sad mood today. I really don't believe that Detroit will advance far this playoffs. These guys are just to cocky and arrogant. They just got exposed. Sheed did play well last night though but where were the rest of the guys down the stretch?

Looking forward to game 2. Playoff basketball live is always a rush…
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