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Default Re: Frequent Ejaculation leads to hairloss

Originally Posted by Toizumi
Well that explains

Turning 25 next week and I don't think I'll grow out my hair ever again.
Bad hairline, thin on the top. Look good with a buzzcut though and I really don't mind going bald.
Wonder how long before I have to take it all off. Not looking forward to shaving my head every other day...

I have a cousin who never takes of his hats or caps when he's out or even at bdays, church whatever. he has good hair on the sides, but he's bald on top.. can't really accept it, or is ashamed maybe. kinda sad really. go bald, never a bad look. If you're ugly without hair, you're probably not too goodlooking with it either..

Have you tried Rogaine? My friend uses that, but I heard it only works if you are losing hair on the top of your head, but it doesn't do anything to your receding hairline.
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