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Default Re: Biggest MYTH on ish: wade is still a top 5 player in nba

Right now he isn't he isn't playing well, but they are like eight games in. Sample size is too small to change rankings in my book. Like Swoosh said, Wade is a notorious slow starter and when he picks it up you will see some of the best basketball of the year.

I personally think the biggest myth is how Durant is somehow head and shoulders better than Westbrook. I think that gap has been damn near microscopic for some time and has now closed. When Westbrook fine tunes his explosiveness and uses it in a timely fashion he will be better than you guys can ever imagine.

I know the purpose of this thread is to solely prop Kobe ahead of Wade while it still looks good to do so. Enjoy the moment while it lasts I guess. I'm just going to keep listening to beiber and reading shitty in moment threads like this.
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