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Default I Like a girl

I met at a convention show in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago. She's in the optical lenses wholesale and me in the automotive field.

I talked to her friend/coworker more than her coz I didn't want to give her any ideas that I like her. I even met the her boss and she agreed to give me a job interview whenever I wanted to. Anyways, to my surprise their company is within 10 minutes from my house.

I have no problem meeting women and making them fall for me but this girl is special and I want to make it special, so my big question is....

Would it be better for me to get a job at her place and or just give her friend a call and ask her to hook me up?

Thank you.

Any suggestions are welcome.

ps. I don't normally ask for advice regarding this matter but I think she may be The One :)
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