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Default Re: Official " Let Ben Gordon Walk" thread

Originally Posted by drwax26
You ppl who love Deng and hate gordon are extra backwards. Pound for pound Gordon is the best player on the team. Now do I think he is worth 10mil No. But neither is Luol Deng and he is about to get more after the 1st yr of his contract. Ben Gordon has provided countless 4th quarter comebacks and scoring on a team that fails to do so. Now you want to let him walk. Crazy thoughts. He will excel in the right system but the bulls dont even know if they wanna run or play conventional half-court.

Seriously man you are the only one that is extra backwards. Maybe Deng is only a role player but he is definitely one thing that Gordon is not. He is consistent when he is healthy. I see Deng being a 20/7-8 guy with Rose. Possibly even a couple more points a game. Gordon is one of the streakiest players ever. One game he will pour in 30-35 points and the next 3 he will put up 12 ppg and 5-6 TO's a game. Deng would consistently get 13-18ppg and 6-8 rebounds. Gordon also was the main reason Hinrich was always in foul trouble. Hinrich would have to try and help him out every time someone would blow by him and get stupid fouls. And that whole pound for pound thing means absolutely nothing. I am sure most people on here would agree you are so far off on this one. It isn't even close Deng > Gordon.
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