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Default Re: Official " Let Ben Gordon Walk" thread

Hello for the first time, Bulls forum.

As a Bulls fan, I'd really like to see the return of Deng(now confirmed) and Gordon. I believe that both of these players are important to the success of the team. Deng was overpaid, and now Gordon will have to draw the shorter stick. As we all seem to be in agreement, Ben seems to have an ego problem. If it comes down to overpaying him or letting him walk, I say let him walk.

I think the organization should do everything they can to keep him(except overpay), because as a player, he gets the job done consistently.

Clutch Gordon has came through big for us, but if his pride and feelings of overworth continue, he's become more of an obstacle than an asset. This offseason shouldn't be consumed by the demands of two players. One is down, now Reinsdorf and Pax need to work double time to figure Gordon's deal out, or let him walk.
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