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Originally Posted by qrich
Your trolling is childish, you have on argument and you keep rolling with it. Let me guess, you were one of the many idiots who thought Sam Cassell and Cuttino Mobley were horrible additions to the Clippers squad last year and nothing but cancers, we know how that turned out. Clippers have everyone on the roster to keep Thomas in check, can't say the same about Radmanovic. I mean, Radmanovic would have been the Clippers 8th man behind the starting unit and Maggette + Livingston(or Cassell) off the bench, while Lakers promised him a starting spot, how sad. And if TT is to bust, oh well, Clippers have the depth at SF to replace him, I mean you have Maggette then at PF you have Aaron Williams and James Singleton. When Radmanovic does ****, who's going to step in for him? Aaron McKie? Luke Walton? Please.

Luke Walton is really good. Hes a better replacement in the lineup than radman and I mean that with all respect to every player but its true.

Luke has the high IQ and he does more than just shoot.
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