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Originally Posted by KB24MVP
He was a starter..He played 30 minutes shot 2-8??VERY are u talking about,...are u tryimng to be stupid or is it serious??seriously i feel bad if u really are stupid.

Cassell always plays 23 minutes a game HUH????always comes off the bench??u fukin ignorant airhead...get ur knowledge straight before u come here and spread BS..get back to school junior..

and making fun of my english at least i speak 5 languages and english is not my first language..not like u americans who stick to english and have no sense of other cultures.

ur the guyof guy people wanna ***** slap its unbelievable..u write like a little *****.

Did I say very solid or solid? Can't you read? Need glasses? If 9 points and 8 boards for someone isn't solid that is going to be coming off the bench, then I don't know what is. And where did I say Cassell plays 23 minutes and comes off the bench all the time? You said he didn't play and if 23 minutes isn't playing, then what is? 48 minutes? Stupid ass.

I speak only english? You are damn retarded, I speak 4 languages and english wasn't my first language either, thank you very much. I think I just know english because I'm smart, and not an idiot, like you are.

"ur the guy of guy". What the **** does that mean retard? Next time come here with facts, not stupidity, if that's even possible?
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