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Default Re: iPhone vs G1 phone

Originally Posted by YAWN
i type way too much for these touch screen things so im just sticking with my blackberry.

alot of my friends have both though and i dont hear any complaints from them. i suppose whichever you get you will become accustomed to and like it.

I had a Blackberry Curve and thought the same thing. Then I made the mistake of trying my girl's iPhone. I had one within a week. The email and browser is so much better, as is the big screen and all the other cool free apps. The NBA live score update that I use everyday is worth it alone. I don't like to type on the thing, but there is a free app that gives you a wide screen keyboard which helps a lot for email. I wouldn't go back to the Curve if you paid me.

The Google G2 is getting rid of the keyboard, which was it's main benefit over the iPhone (was sort of an iPhone with a keyboard).
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