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Default Re: Tim Lincecum is the best pitcher in the MLB

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
Dont get me wrong, I like Halladay and have him as #2, but he is not better nor more consistent than Lincecum.

Lincecum just has better "stuff". Halladay is one of those workhorse types that gets by on guile and craftyness. Therefore, when he's a little off, he gets hammered, where as Lincecum can just rear back and blow batters away even when he's not at his sharpest. I'll take the more talented guy over the crafty guy most times.

And Lincecum's numbers were up a bit this year but the prior 2 years he had better ERA, whip, and strikeouts than Halladay.
This is just mind-blowingly wrong, on so many levels.

First, you don't earn (by your distinction) 2nd best pitcher in the show recognition by having middling stuff and weaving your way through games on "guile and craftyness." You don't throw 2 no-hitters in the same year by just being a smart pitcher. We aren't talking about some Jamie Moyer here. And when Halladay is "a little off", he doesn't get hammered. I don't mean to be rude but give your head a shake.

As for Lincecum "blowing away" batters, he throws 90 now. He doesn't blow anyone away. He gets by the same way Halladay does, by having great stuff and mixing up his stuff and locating his pitches. He doesn't rear back and throw 95 anymore. He just doesn't. Anyone who actually, you know, watched baseball this year knows this.

And on the point about Lincecum being more consistent... wow. Just wow. Year after year Halladay is near the top the American League in the toughest division baseball history in complete games, IP, era, etc. etc. and we're talking about Lincecum, who fell off hard statistically this year, as 'more consistent.'


I mean, if you want to argue Tim is the best in baseball, okay, that's fine, I'll hear you out. But if you're going to reinvent history, I'm sorry, what you're saying is complete bullshit.
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