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Default Re: Countdown to Red Dead Redemption 2

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
The game isnít perfect. My biggest pet was bumping into someone in town while riding my horse and then having the cops coming at me, shooting to kill! There were other little annoyances, but the game does so many things right, I can forgive that stuff.

I agree it's great. I still haven't beaten it, and I've dumped a ton of hours into it. The article really discusses it from a design perspective, and it's definitely got some issues. It talks about the holding down buttons to do mundane things, like opening drawers, which drove me nuts when I started, and while they aren't game breaking flaws, you really have to wonder what the thinking was with some of the control mechanics. And there are a ton of people who didn't get through it. And a lot of people who lost it inside the first quarter of the story. He talks about demographics, and who's playing a game like this, and how much time can they devote to figuring out what just aren't the most natural controls ever.

A lot of it feels like it came right out of my mouth. As he gets further into it he loses me. For example he gripes about about the map having too many unscalable surfaces, but this is IMO on the short list for best maps every created. But even he finishes by saying it's a good game. I'd say it's better than that. I understand the sense of lost opportunity with the wild swings from great to just not good in one aspect to the next of this game.

One thing he doesn't bring up that drives me crazy is how the trapper you have to sell furs to in order to craft, but the fence you have to hold onto the items to craft. There's a lot of small stuff in here that just feels like a lot of this is a matter of one hand not knowing what the other is doing during design, something I see at my work all the time.

If you're into design in general, it's definitely worth a read.
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