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Default Re: Is Donald Trump going to win the presidency again in 2020?

Originally Posted by Shogon
Thanks for not voting. Probably good for your mental health that you sit this next election prediction season out.

pizzagate. seth rich. tell me your thoughts on these subjects.

If the economy hits a downturn, he will lose. I agree.

If it doesn't hit a downturn, then all the libs who said he would push USA into a downturn should eat crow.

already in a downturn. the maga trade war is killing midwest farmers and now the global economy as a whole. gyna's growth slowed to a near 30 year low. brexit's looking straight down the barrel of a recession. all recession metrics are flashing red here.

the future is now.

the coming shit storm will be 100% on maga.


Trumps major play is going to be framing the far left as the face of the dems which let's be honest - represents a lot of people that live in dem strongholds so it's not entirely inaccurate. They are the future of the democrats.

hawk man, the "squad" is litrally 4 people. majority of dems are like the majority of the gop- middle of the road moderates who swing slightly left or right on specific things. saying the squad or a handful of suburban communists represents the dems is like saying the tea party was representative of every repub.
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