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Default Re: Is Donald Trump going to win the presidency again in 2020?

Originally Posted by Nanners
There are so many candidates specifically because the party establishment doesnt want Bernie to win, and you are right he probably wont win.... So when Trump wins in 2020 it will once again be the dem establishments fault, just like its their fault Trump won in 2016.

establishment dems like pelosi & schumer would rather have another four years of trump than a sanders presidency, and that's the troof.

anyway, if biden does indeed get the nomination, trump would finish him. dude would just go home and die. f**k him, anyway. the only thing biden has to his advantage in a general election is the black vote. the ones who do have a chance vs. trump are sanders and warren because they're populists and aren't a part of the establishment status quo, regardless of how far left they are. like i've said before, people on either side want change in washington and candidates like biden and peter bootyhead sure aren't bringing any.
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