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Default Re: Watch Dogs out on May 27

Originally Posted by outbreak
Did you not read what I wrote or are you ignoring the points not in your favour? The xbox framerates don't vary much in the actual gameplay, the ps4 framerate is unlocked and struggles. You can find numerous people talking about playing the multiplats on xbox even at lower resolutions so that you don't get the jutter and frame variations.

I'm hardly a fanboy when I owned an xbox 360, ps3, wii and a ds last gen, this gen I have an xbox one because more games were out at launch that I wanted, a 3ds and I'll be picked up a ps4 once they start putting out their big franchises. Just annoying when people spout obvious fanboyisms and misinformation. The ps4 is running things at better quality but don't ignore the fact that it is struggling to do this in some cases and act like it's a massive gap.
I'm not ignoring anything. The two examples you posted aren't great examples of non judder on xbox. Tr drops nearly half its frame rate at times, just like ps4, and thief is not an unlocked framerate on ps4 is is 30fps just like xbox, but it has a 5fps advantage in the hairiest spots. Ps4 tr runs over 50fps average, xbox under 30.

The massive gap isn't necessarily those 2 games. Ghosts is the biggest gap, 2.25x the resolution, and the ps4 version was running over 60fps, which caused judder.

The ps4 is weak too, just not as weak as xbox. It's factually 50% stronger, and has a better ram solution, and has two times the rops. Those are facts.
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