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Default Re: True height of NBA players

Originally Posted by KG215
We used to hangout when he was at UAFS -- the JUCO he played for before going to Arkansas. I went there for a couple of years while h was there. and played pick-up with the team and hungout with them some.

We were just hanging out in the apartment of some of the guys on the team and he told me to come here. I guess he had just realized I was tall because he said "damn, you tall" and told me to stand back-to-back with him. Kind of a weird story but it can get really boring on a weeknight in a really small boring college town.

That's cool man. How good was Weems in a pick-up game? Did he pwn everyone?

I've never so much as seen an NBA player outside of a game, let alone played pick-up with one. There are those rare times where there are blu-chip guys at summer tournaments in HS. I have a buddy who's 6'10, and basically the tallest BBall player around from our small community. He went to play small D1 ball, and got dunked on by Larry Hughes.

I always thought it would be sweet to get an NBA player to play on my YMCA team and just pwn everybody and I'd have like 20 wide open shots a game.

Way off subject, but me and my buddies always try to think of what #10 or #11 guy in the NBA we'd take for our summer-league team.

This guy is my favorite!

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