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Default Re: True height of NBA players

Originally Posted by KG215
Steve Nash is listed at 6'3" but, still, I don't even think that's right. He's one of two NBA players I've ever been somewhat close enough to so I could judge their height. I'm a bit over 6'4" in shoes and Nash wasn't 6'3". He looked closer to 6'1" or maybe 6'2" in shoes.

This is a lesser known player but Sonny Weems is listed at 6'6" when he's closer to a true 6'4" or 6'5". I actually stood back-to-back with him to compare heights and we are virtually the exact same height.
Nash was measured at the combine as 6-foot-1 without shoes. He wasn't measured there with shoes on and all official NBA height listings are with shoes. So, it was probably up to the Suns' organization to get his official numbers, meaning they may be a little fudged.

Weems was measured at the combine as 6'4" without shoes and 6'5.5" with shoes... Teams round up or down for official heights, so that is why he is listed at 6-foot-6.
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