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Default Re: Nicolas "Euroleague Pippen" Batum = 6.33 Turnovers Per Game In Euroleague

Originally Posted by chains5000
Also, all of these players are used to lead their teams. Some players lose their focus if they're no the stars.
I don't think it's ok to just generalize.
So many excuses. Basically every single NBA player, even horrible ones like Raphael Araujo, were the offensive leaders of their team in college and high school.

BYU offense for example was built around Araujo and look at him in the NBA, worse than Kwame brown.

Basically it is the Euro's huge egos and inability to accept that they aren't the superstar and best player on their team that is holding them back then in your mind? That is why T-Mac of Europe Spanoulis wasn't even able to beat out Rafer Alston and Luther Head for minutes?
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