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Default Re: Nicolas "Euroleague Pippen" Batum = 6.33 Turnovers Per Game In Euroleague

Originally Posted by sodap
this is just like the comparision between european and south-american football (soccer). I'm talking club competition here. Of course the level is higher in europe, but the top argentinian or brazilian teams can compete with the top european teams, they would be good teams in the CL.

maybe its not a good example because in football right now we have two insanely stacked teams that just break the competitions they paticipate in (Real Madrid and FC Barcelona), but I think you get the point. top tier european teams are in the same level of average nba teams. sure any average nba player can come to europe and do well and be one of the best, but no, he wont go michael jordan if he is not a nba superstar already

Yes, Boca Juniors, Santos, Flamenco, Deportivo El Nacional, Monterrey and a few other clubs would be competitive in the CL and many top European leagues every year but still Europeans dismiss South American football as an "inferior product"
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