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Default Re: Legit Websites For Shoe Ordering

Originally Posted by td0t0
yeah finishline's very legit is legit and dope too, you can always save 20% with repcode HN15448 enterred upon checkout

Finish Line is a legit company, but their online ordering process is an absolute joke.

They do not keep a stock in a warehouse for online ordering, they simply go off of what they have in stores. So when you order a pair online and it says "in-stock" that may only be 1 pair in some outlet mall on the other side of the country, and it very well could have already sold, yet the stock list hasn't been updated yet.

You would think that when a pair is ordered, wherever that shoe was located they would immediately red flag it to be shipped out, not left in a store for someone else to buy it.

I waited over a week for my order to ship, the expected ship date came and went, I passed on similar priced shoes from other places because I already had an order submitted, then on the 10 day mark got an email stating my order was cancelled. 3 days later I found the cheapest pair I could find, and even that was 30 bucks more than originally spent. Took 2 1/2 weeks and 30 extra dollars just to get a friggin pair of shoes.
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